Monday, October 31, 2011


                                                             HAPPY   HALLOWEEN

My kids have varied responses for this holiday.  It has many triggers for them.  Food is such a big issue with traumatized kids.  They look just like this kitten.  They are so excited, but they present so ferocious.  Really, they are small and cuddly.  No way will they let anyone see them that way.

I used to obsess that my children have appropriate behavior to be allowed to go to Halloween parties or trick or treating.  I gave up long ago.  There is just too much excitement centered around this holiday for them to miss out on the fun and the unending amount of candy.  They need to go regardless of their unacceptable behaviors.  More than once I was too hard on someone leading up to the holiday.

We allow our children to eat all of their candy.  Surprised?  I have one qualifier with that.  They have to eat it within three days.  I want it out of the house.  All of the wrappers drive me insane found stuffed inside couches, stuck inside their pillowcases, and strewn around the yard.

Here's to Halloween.  The great dress-up day for young and old.  May yours be filled with pleasure.

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