Thursday, November 17, 2011

The problem with school

I know that school is the toughest challenge of raising traumatized kids.  Schools are not equipped to teach our children with their alphabet diagnoses and multiplicity of issues.

The story is the same.  Our children do not do well, because they won't.  Of course, if the child arrives at the new school in a wheelchair and the school has no rails or ramps, the school does not tell them to get up and start participating after a five minute break.  Yet, that's how our traumatized children are treated all too frequently.

Trauma injures their brains.  They are cognitively delayed.  They are emotionally delayed.  They are behaviorally delayed.  They cannot just take five minutes and regroup to learn.

I say this over and over at IEP meetings.  I say this over and over to other parents.  I say this over and over at support groups.  Our children's brains have been permanently altered and the solution is not easily determined.  It takes a lot of work by the family, the child and the system to help our students become responsible adults.

Blaming the parents will not work.  Blaming the child/student will not work.

Oh, please schools, learn about trauma and it's lifelong affects on our children's brains.

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