Sunday, November 13, 2011

Riddy Lin

Riddy is our most damaged child.  Riddy is also still a child.  She has been with us almost since birth.  Riddy needs medications.

About fifteen years ago, our first child needed medication.  Needed is the operative word here.  There was no way to manage behaviors without the medication.  That child has come and gone from our home.  The needs were huge.

Riddy has lots of mental health issues.  She was born addicted to drugs and mom had used alcohol during pregnancy.  Not sure how much, but her favorites were hard lemonades and mixed drinks.

Riddy is the poster child for ADHD.  She cannot concentrate for more than a couple of seconds without medication.  BUT on medication, she is a different person.  She is capable of focusing and learning in school.  She can make friends.  She can interact appropriately in the family.  In fact, shortly before her 5th birthday, we found an ADHD medication that worked.  She then taught herself to read in kindergarten after becoming quite disgusted that they didn't learn to read in the first few weeks.

The meds have been a God send.  This child could not sit still and play for a few minutes.  Could not sit and look at a book.  Could not sit and eat.  Nothing.  But on medication she can begin to stabilize.  She's been seeing a psychiatrist for all but the first two years of her life.

She's still in elementary school.  We have to tweak her medications off and on.  The one consistent thing is that she must have them.  We try to give them to her shortly before she gets up in the mornings to help her morning routine include fewer melt downs.

There will be many more stories about Riddy.

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