Sunday, December 11, 2011

ADHD Medications & Zoe

Zoe is one of my children who has major attention and focus issues.  Anyone would know if she has not taken her medication.  She cannot listen or respond in a coherent manner to any sort of request.  She cannot converse reasonably.  Her speech is often garbled at best.  She moves in a fog.  Alternately, she can be incredibly loud and talk so fast that she is incoherent.  Every test failed.  Every job assignment bungled.

On her ADHD medications, she is a different person.  She enjoys life.  She participates fully.  Her contributions to conversations make sense.  Her organization skills are phenomenal.  Her employers love her as she can stay focused on task and complete every job in a timely manner.  Teachers find her work ethic enviable.

Zoe is an incredible daughter making it as a young adult, even though life threw too many curve balls her way.  She suffers from PTSD & major depression, has FAS, and her ADHD is out of control unmedicated.  Her psychiatrist has worked with her for many, many years.  They have a very good relationship and her medications work for her.  Zoe is learning to manage them herself.  Sometimes being an accurate reporter of her symptoms is hard, but she is trying really hard to become independent.

The life trauma has dealt her a rough start.  She has decided to work through some of the issues that she can now tackle as a young adult.  Sometimes there are success stories in older child adoption.  Zoe is a success in so many ways.

Her medication is crucial to her success.  Without her SSRI and her ADHD medication, she would not be a functioning, responsible adult.  I am very proud of Zoe and all of her efforts.  She works twice as hard as many others for less success.  She's a great daughter.

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