Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Gang's All Here

So the anticipated time has arrived, and the whole gang that will be coming for the Christmas holiday is here.

Hmmm.....not so much fun.  The bickering is never ending.  The adult children are worse than the young ones.  No one seems to be able to find their place here.

But I will enjoy them for who they are, ignore them, and shut them off when needed.  Such is the reality of a large family coming back together when normally many are gone.  Zoe was counting the cars out front today and saying there were a few more than normal.  We are thankful they have cars to travel to us.  We may fill a tank or two with gas, but that is our joy to help them visit.  Some are missing.  Hopefully, some day they will want to visit again.  We are patient with their past and present demons.

Again, happy holidays to all.

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