Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve 2011

Snowflakes fall from the sky as the children eagerly await the coming of Christmas.

The adult children are traveling or will soon be on their way with the grands.  Those who are out of school or off from work are home playing, eating and relaxing.  Right now, there is peace in our household.

Ruben is experiencing his first Christmas with us.  The joy and love emanates from that boy like no other we've had.  His quirky personality makes for some odd conversations.  The banter never stops.  We are all enjoying Ruben so much.  Its rare to have a thankful, grateful foster child.  Ruben is currently playing with a giant n3rf gun, his present to himself. No medications for Ruben after years and years of therapy and many out of home placements.

There has been sadness this holiday season.  More sadness than anger and fear.

Many years ago, Little Pro's birth family threatened our family in a very scary way.  Christmas was spent in fear.  Never do we want to have that occur again.  Nothing significant happened.  Safety was maintained, but we know first hand the fear that can grip us during the holidays.

May peace come to your home and hearts this Christmas season.  May you have the boundaries that you need to allow that peace within yourself.  

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