Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Illogical Thinking

So Al has a low IQ (below 70) and FASD with some pretty severe ADHD thrown in there.  He does not have the ability to process information and come to logical conclusions.  I doubt his prefrontal lobes have much development.  I read the brain continues to develop until nearly 30, so he does have some time to grow.

We are Al's legal guardians and control his money.  We give him spending money as needed, but it is closely monitored for his own protection.  He would give away everything he has with his happy go lucky personality.  That serves him well most of the time.

Recently, Al had the opportunity to work for a friend.  He works very hard and is a valued member to this small business.  The rule has always been to give us the money he makes, then we give him cash as needed.
Al decided to keep the money he made and pretend to lose it.  For weeks, he had no idea what happened to his money.

Then miraculously, he gave us the money.  What happened?  Well, Al thought if he could keep it without spending it, then we would be proud of him.  He would have shown that he is responsible with his money.

Illogical thinking at its best.

This is how Al is most of the time.  It is really hard to parent an adult child with such illogical thinking.  So now, this friend can only pay us, so that we know Al has been fairly compensated for his work and has not "lost" his money.

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