Friday, January 13, 2012

The Quiet of the Night

It's dark.  Everyone is home.

I hear the sound of a television.  I hear the voices of Al and Ruben  playing video games.

Little Pro just kissed me good night as she carried her kitty to bed.  Riddy Lin has much to pick up, as she regularly drops everything behind her all evening long.  She has consumed a bag of vanilla wafers, huge glass of milk, and many, many pizza rolls in her nightly carbo loading ritual.

Zoe just checked with me for the ninth time about a basketball game time.  She cannot remember that I know the time.  I don't know for sure what team to watch - 9A or 9B.

Ruben had a tantrum tonight trying to figure out who ate his leftover pizza.  A tantrum and a 200+ pound man does not look pretty.  Thirty minutes later he apologized for his behavior with a large smile.

The rest of the household prepares for their tomorrow at work, school, or play.  May your night be a restful one.  My yesterday was too full of drama to process today.

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